John L. Hawkins

John L. Hawkins is Advisor Media's CEO, CTO and Editorial Director, and oversees all Advisor publications, online services, live events, and technology.

A life-long media guy, John has held executive, content creation, and technical positions in radio and television broadcasting and production, computer systems, software development, advertising and marketing communications, cable TV engineering, manufacturing, and business management consulting.

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More Boomers plan to work well past "normal" retirement age, a shift that will affect everyone.

Retirement is one of the most significant life transitions, and current Senior "retirees" and the 78 million Baby Boomers just behind them are re-writing the rules. No longer satisfied with just a retirement dinner and commemorative watch, then endless days of golf, or arts and crafts at the local Senior Center, many of us want a lot more out of our "golden years." In fact, many of us aren't planning to retire anytime soon -- if ever.

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Eat right to feel right

Here are some great ways to feel good at any age.

We've all heard that our 40s are the new 30s, 50s are the new 40s, 60s the new 50s, and so on. As we grow older, we want to live healthier and stronger than our parents. But how?

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Where to buy CDs?

Playing music on a computer or iPod or similar is good, but there are times and places where what I need is a standard CD. But I don't find very much true Boomer music in retail stores. Where is a good place to shop for all the "good" songs?

John L. Hawkins
AnnMarie Garcia and Edward James Olmos

The Vital Aging Conference provided valuable resources for Boomers and Seniors, and brought a visitor to inspire us.

Actor Edward James Olmos is a vitally aging Boomer, so I enjoyed his inspiring keynote at "Vital Aging Conference: Caring for Yourself and Others" held in San Diego in 2007. The event featured information on important health concerns for older adults and family caregivers on topics, such as diabetes, nutrition, fitness, legal issues, and stress management.

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Q: What is pre-diabetes? How is it different from Type 2 diabetes?
-- Malcolm M. in Boston, Massachusetts

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The natural aging process can cause forgetfulness. But there are ways to maximize your memory -- whatever age you are.

With age comes wisdom, and often times so does memory decline. Many people think of memory lapses as a normal part of aging, and others fear the worst: Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia. While approximately 1 in 10 people age 65 and older have Alzheimer's and related dementias, the loss of mental acuity can occur in the natural aging process. The good news is that there are ways for people to maximize their memory, no matter how old they are.

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Hairy Tale Film Crew sign

A movie production crew takes over my street.

Ahh, the glamor of Hollywood, the excitement of film-making... Unless the movie crew has filled up your street and you just want to get home! It happened in my neighborhood (again). Here's a report. San Diego might not be known as a hotbed of film production, but one day the one block street leading to my house once again filled with movie-making trucks, equipment, people and even actors who aren't people.
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